Srikanto Acharya

Srikanto Acharya, শ্রীকান্ত আচার্য

Ore Ayere (ওরে আয় রে) Lyrics – Srikanto Acharya

ওরে আয় রে Ore Ayere Lyrics: Ore Ayere Song is a popular Rabindra Sangeet. It’s another song praising or welcoming the Bangla month Basanta. In this song, Tagore welcomed Basanta by praising its goodness to us. Shrikanta Acharya covered this song. Ore Ayere Song was published by Beethoven Records.  Name Ore Aay Re Singer Shrikanta […]

Srikanto Acharya, শ্রীকান্ত আচার্য

Akash Bhora Surjo Tara (আকাশভরা সূর্য-তারা) Lyrics – Srikanto Acharya

আকাশভরা সূর্য-তারা Akash Bhora Surjo Tara Lyrics: Akash Bhora Surjo Tara Song is a very known Rabindra Sangeet. This song was covered by famous artist Srikanto Acharya. He used this song in his album named Jibon Chobi, Which was published in 2006. Name Akash Bhora Surjo Tara Lyrics Rabindranath Tagore Singer Srikanto Acharya Album Jibon

Srikanto Acharya, শ্রীকান্ত আচার্য

Amra Sobai Raja (আমরা সবাই রাজা) Lyrics – Srikanto Acharya

আমরা সবাই রাজা Amra Sobai Raja Lyrics: Amra Sobai Raja Song is a quite famous Rabindra Sangeet. It is generally popular among kids. They love Amra Sobai Raja Song a lot. Srikanto Acharya Covered this song which also earned the love of the listeners. Name Aamra Sobai Raja Lyricist Rabindranath Thakur Singer Srikanto Acharya [ads id=”ads1″]

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