Asha Bhosle

Asha Bhosle, আশা ভোঁসলে

Sondhey Belay Tumi Ami (সন্ধ্যা বেলায় তুমি আমি) Lyrics – Asha Bhosle

সন্ধ্যা বেলায় তুমি আমি Sondhey Belay Tumi Ami Lyrics: Sondhey Belay Tumi Ami Song is a very popular song by Asha Bhosle. The music of this song is given by Legendary Music Director R.D. Burman. Sondhey Belay Tumi Ami Song is a popular song on both sides of Bangla. The Lyrics of this song were […]

Asha Bhosle, আশা ভোঁসলে

Megher Kole Rod Heseche (মেঘের কোলে রোদ হেসেছে) Lyrics – Asha Bhosle

মেঘের কোলে রোদ হেসেছে Megher Kole Rod Heseche Lyrics: Megher Kole Rod Hesheche Song is a famous Rabindra Sangeet. This song was written by Rabindranath Tagore. Many singers have covered this song, Asha Bhosle is one of them. This song was also used in the Bangla movie Kuheli. Name Megher Kole Rod Hesechhe Movie Kuheli

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